I got up, like all weekdays to go to my job, I was fed up whit it, but soon my life was to change. I took a decision, in the afternoon I met with Marta she is my best friend and we had a dream maybe it was the moment ….
We made a lot of plans and our big trip began we packed a few clothes, medicines , a good tourist guide and a comfortable boots, we went to China.
We flew from Barcelona, Frankfurt to Sangahi, there we had booked a hotel, we were nervous but expectant in that country every things was different.
We could speak a little Chinese we went to Academy last year.
Shangai was a big and polluted town with too many people in the street and chaotic traffic.
The people were very nice, and it was easy to talk with them, they talked. While they talked in English we tried to improve our Chinese..
The life there was cheaper than Spain, the hotel, the taxi, the food, and anything that we wanted
We visited the Jinmao Tower it is one the more famous skyscraper, where we could see fantastic landscape and took a lot of photos, the fantastic Sangahi museum, Yuyuan Garden in the historic centre with their traditional building, and we could see some little but interesting street.
The next day we went to Beijing by train, it is different to Shangai, there were less skyscraper, and more traditional building and a lot of fantastic temples. We were to amazing the Tiananmen Square and Prohibited Town where Ming Dynasty lived.
But our holidays finished, and we left China very sad. Now we remembered that trip as of the best moments of our life.
It was correct for my teacher.



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