I can see two men in the street, one looks well, he’s a businessman, he is wearing a black suit and he is holding a briefcase possibly he is going to his job, he is locking his car when a man, a beggar, go to him, he is wearing a old suit and old shoes, he has long hair and he isn’t shaved, he seem hungry and tired and he is begging for one coin.
The man began to shout, he was very angry, and he said “go get a job” you could work like a labourer and you mustn’t beg
When the man left alone, he thought, I should go to the building site and to ask for a job.
Hello I’m Mark, do you have any job for me, I have to work, I could be a good labourer.
He began to dig a hole, then he took heavy things, his job was hard he was very tired and heated, he stopped and looked at the traffic policeman, he was on a top and he wore a uniform, he was directing the traffic, that job was better than mine, he though.mendigo
I should be a traffic policeman.
He went to the academy, and he enroled.
He went to class and he learned the traffic signals, he studied a lot and finished the studies, he was graduating, he looked well, now he wore a uniform, and he was proud of himself.
Now he was in the street, it was the first day of his job when he saw the businessman who was locking his car, Some times ago he gave him good advice. Hello, you have bad parking your car, he said, and gave him a fine, the man looked hungry, but now he wasn’t a beggar he was the policeman,



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